What to Do with Bed Bugs? Part IV

What can you do against bed bugs yourself?

Bed bugs cannot tolerate extreme cold or extreme heat. For this reason, if baggage is suspected to be contaminated with bed bugs or in addition to the measures taken by the professional pest controller, it makes sense to put (possibly) infected objects in a freezer compartment, freezer or chest freezer and there at -18 ° C for at least three To be kept for days to reliably kill the bed bugs.

If a sauna is available to you, you can also use it as an alternative and store all things allegedly infected with bed bugs at at least 50 ° C for at least an hour.

You can also use the vacuum cleaner to hunt down bed bugs. Suck the animals in and then remove the bag from the device. You should proceed very carefully and close the bag tightly. Then put it in an impermeable plastic bag, which you also close tightly and then put in the freezer for at least one night or day before you dispose of it. Please note that, for understandable reasons, a bagless vacuum cleaner is not suitable for combating bed bugs.

Furthermore, if you have a bed bug infestation in your apartment, you should not move furniture and objects from one room with an infestation to another room. In this way you yourself ensure that the bugs and thus your pest problem spread unnecessarily and make targeted control more difficult.

If there are heavily infested pieces of furniture or furniture components such as mattresses, you should dispose of them for reasons of hygiene. Since it cannot be ruled out that there are still living pests on such objects, airtight packaging with plastic film is essential for disposal in order to prevent further spread. Ideally, you should hand over the disposal to your pest controller.

In order to prevent bed bugs from migrating from one room to the next in the apartment in search of food, infested bedrooms should continue to be used. It is advisable to place the mattress in the middle of the room and to attach double-sided adhesive tape to the floor around the mattress (at least 50 cm from the mattress). Of course, it is important to make sure that the mattress itself is free of bed bugs. This is guaranteed, for example, when it comes to a newly purchased mattress.

Who pays for bed bugs in the rented apartment?

In the event of a bed bug infestation in a rented apartment, the tenant is usually responsible, which means that he also has to bear the costs of professional control. The landlord only has to pay the costs for bed bug control if the tenant can prove that the pest infestation was already present when he moved in or that it can be proven to be due to the landlord for other reasons.

Hostel or hotel with bed bugs – what to do?

If you have to sleep in a buggy bedroom in an exceptional situation, the question inevitably arises: “How do I protect myself from bed bugs?” Or “Can I protect myself from bed bugs?” . It would be best, of course, not to even stay in a room where you know exactly that bed bugs are one of the unpleasant roommates.

However, if you are nevertheless forced to consciously share the room with bed bugs for one night, e.g. on vacation, because you cannot change hostel or hotel at such short notice, the following measures are recommended to prevent bites:

  • Before going to bed, rub your body with an appropriate insect repellent. You can use a finished product from the pharmacy or make a mixture yourself. For such a homemade liniment to protect against insect bites (also helps against mosquitoes, for example) you need 100ml oil (e.g. olive oil, sunflower oil, almond oil, wheat germ oil or jojoba oil), which you mix with about 20 to 30 drops of essential oils. Suitable essential oils that have proven themselves in this context are lavender, lemon, eucalyptus, citronella, menthol, anise, cedar, mint, peppermint, clove or geranium. When choosing the essential oils, please take into account any incompatibilities on your part.
  • If possible, move the bed away from the wall to take the bed bugs easy transition from wall to bed.
  • Leave the lights on all night. Even if your quality of sleep is impaired somewhat by burning lights in the room, light is an effective means of reducing the activity of bed bugs.

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