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  • Large Wall Clock DIY Wall Sticker Mirror Surface Geometric Pattern

Large Wall Clock DIY Wall Sticker Mirror Surface Geometric Pattern

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  • Wall sticker style clock
  • Mirror surface, acrylic construction
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Black
Type Wall clock
Color Black
Material Acrylic
Power supply Battery (not included)
Display Analog
Style Modern
Product code PHZ170025KS
Package dimensions 20cm x 20cm x 8cm
1 x wall clock 1 x pack of wall stickers

Design your own home with wall clocks

There are certain features that should not be missing in any home. Of course, the right furniture is indispensable for a cozy design of the premises. The choice of color for the walls is also crucial. In addition, you pay special attention to the various decoration options. The elements that are not only decorative but also useful are very practical. Here the wall clocks are at the top of the list. These are a must in almost every room. Whether wall decals, wall clocks, XXL wall clocks or wooden wall clocks, you can see the time immediately at a glance. This means that you can get to appointments in your free time on time and you also know exactly when you have to leave home at breakfast before work. The clocks are available in different versions, so that there is something for every taste. You can opt for larger wall clocks that shape the style of an entire wall, or for narrower models that set fine accents in the room design. Find out more about the various models of wall clocks in the following text and find the right one with which you can bring fishing wind into your home.

The face of the wall clocks as a central element

The decisive factor for the design of the wall clock is above all the dial. Here, the classic models with Arabic numbers are still the best sellers. These models can be used as kitchen clocks, for example. If you prefer the vintage style, you can look around for the clocks with Roman numerals. Sometimes the wall clocks that are designed in this style are equipped with curved hands. These indicators complete the retro style of the wall clocks. The XXL wall clocks, in which the digits are designed in different sizes, look very modern. This creates a very unusual dynamic in the room. The clocks without digits are also suitable for the modern style. With these variants, you can tell the time by the position of the hands without these referring to specific digits. The dial itself is often transparent. In other models it is designed as a white background. Colorful dials are also fine eye-catchers. There are models with deliberate wear and tear in the style of shabby chic that look good in a retro setting. But you can also find wall clocks whose dial has a motif. A natural motif attracts attention. Be cosmopolitan by placing a wall clock with a face in the shape of a world map. If you choose wall decals wall clocks, you choose a special version of the time indicator. With these models, you glue the numbers and bars directly onto the wall. The pointers must of course be mounted on the wall.

What you need to know about XXL wall clocks

Many people prefer their own apartment or house to retreat to. Here you can really relax. Whether alone, with a partner or with the whole family, the home is the number one place of well-being. The right equipment is of course important. Use various utensils for a stylish interior. In addition to matching furniture and floors, decorative elements play a major role. Here are the wall clocks in the XXL format real long-time favorites. Because these clocks are not only practical as a time display, but also visually enhance any room. But in which areas are the clocks for the wall best used? How are you combined? And what different versions of the XXL time indicators are there? These and other questions are answered below. Read on now and you will find out everything important about this topic. Then you can easily furnish your home with style. Decorate walls with our great natural wooden clocks. Every wooden wall clock has a unique recognition value and is a great eye-catcher on every wall. The beautiful wooden wall clocks are available including a clockwork, this can be selected from the colors black and silver. These natural clocks made of 4 mm thick poplar wood give your home a very special touch. Poplar wood is pleasantly light and at the same time very stable, and precise laser cutting enables precise contours to be cut. Whether classic, baroque or oriental - design your walls in a natural and rustic style with PaulWallClocks.
Large Wall Clock DIY Wall Sticker Mirror Surface Geometric Pattern
Large Wall Clock DIY Wall Sticker Mirror Surface Geometric Pattern
Large Wall Clock DIY Wall Sticker Mirror Surface Geometric Pattern
Large Wall Clock DIY Wall Sticker Mirror Surface Geometric Pattern

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