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  • 10-inches Creative Wall Clock Auto Tyre Inspired LED Backlight PVC Construction

10-inches Creative Wall Clock Auto Tyre Inspired LED Backlight PVC Construction

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  • Creative auto tyre inspired
  • LED backlight design
  • Ideal gift for driving enthusiasts
  • Red
  • Silver
Type Wall clock
Color options Red, silver
Material PVC
Power supply 1 x AA battery (not included)
Display Analog
Shape Round
Movement Quartz
Style Modern
Product code PHZ170035KS
Dimensions 26cm x 26cm x 7cm
1 x wall clock
Wall clocks are one of the things that can be found in almost every apartment. However, they not only show hours, minutes and seconds, but are also suitable as independent decorative objects and eye-catchers. Whether timeless or following the latest trend, you will find a variety of different models with us.

Wall clocks: practical with style

Smartphones, wristwatches, the church tower, the digital display at the train station - we are made aware of the time at every turn on the way. But how does it look at home? A large or small wall clock in the kitchen or living room fulfills several purposes: On the one hand, it naturally provides information about the time and helps to be on time, meet deadlines and set the cooking point for various dishes. On the other hand, appealing wall clocks also attract the eye - even more so if they match your furniture and underline the living style.

Wall clocks for every room

Wall clocks have been a permanent fixture in the living room since grandmother's time. Today different styles can be skillfully combined. How about, for example, a modern interpreted classic that underlines a purist interior with its clean design? We have numerous copies from brands such as KARE on offer, which optimally complement such an interior. A wall clock for the kitchen primarily serves a practical purpose, as it is all about perfect timing. With a beautifully designed wooden wall clock that picks up on the country house style of the cabinet fronts, for example, the room becomes even more attractive. Check PaulWallClocks for LED wall clocks. The functional aspect is also in the foreground in the study if you want to keep an eye on the time on the home office day. Clearly structured office furniture is perfectly complemented by wall clocks with a discreet exterior. Your private wellness oasis can be enriched with a wall clock, for example made of metal or with a border reminiscent of pearls. In this way you can easily create a style that makes the bubble bath even more pleasant. Last, but not least: wall clocks can also be used in the bedroom. However, make sure that the movement works as silently as possible. An alternative is a table clock. If this has an alarm function, you have one more reason not to leave your smartphone next to your bed overnight.

Wall clocks in original designs

Can't decide whether you want a picture or a clock to decorate your wall? Then simply choose a model with a picture. In our online shop there is a large selection of wall clocks whose dial will take you to foreign countries or bring back memories of your last vacation. Wall clocks that are modern and clean are ideally suited as optical anchor points to showcase other decorations - for example wall tattoos or pictures. A wall clock in retro or vintage style, on the other hand, is often an eye-catcher in itself. Metal pictures or canvas pictures also capture the magic of days gone by.

Wall clock: how high should you hang it?

When attaching wall clocks, it is primarily important that they are visible from as many positions as possible in the room. It is therefore often advisable to hang them as high up as possible. For example, the space between the door frame and the ceiling can be averaged out and the clock can be attached there. Another option is to use the top edge of the window as a yardstick for alignment. Since nails are usually used for fastening, make sure that there are no water or power lines at the respective point in the wall. If you have a large free space available and want to move a pendulum clock into the center of the decoration, we recommend dividing the wall height according to the golden ratio, which the human eye perceives as particularly harmonious. The distance from the floor to the ceiling is divided into two halves with a ratio of approx. 3/8 at the top to 5/8 at the bottom. With a ceiling height of 2.50 m, the division takes place at approx. 1.56 m. Then mount the clock so that the 5/8 line on the clock is exactly on the 5/8 line on the wall.
10-inches Creative Wall Clock Auto Tyre Inspired LED Backlight PVC Construction
10-inches Creative Wall Clock Auto Tyre Inspired LED Backlight PVC Construction
10-inches Creative Wall Clock Auto Tyre Inspired LED Backlight PVC Construction

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