Make Your Bed “Winterproof”

From the end of October it will be increasingly colder in our latitudes and the darkness has taken over large parts of the day: Time to create more comfort in our own four walls so that we can feel comfortable. A key factor here is also the adjustment of the bedding. While we prefer bedding that is as light as possible in summer or in the warm time of the year, things can be very cozy and thick in winter and in the cold season. In the following article we will inform you about the possibilities that you have to make your bed “winterproof” and to give yourself more security.

The right duvet for the winter

The duvet has a direct impact on the quality of your sleep. In order not to constantly shiver under the blanket in winter, the blanket should have sufficient warming properties in winter. This is the only way you can really relax and sleep well during the night. If the warming effect of the duvet is too low, the body spends the night producing warmth and not relaxing and recuperating. In addition, the duvet should be able to absorb sufficient moisture even in winter, be breathable, have a certain lightness and be cuddly.

In general, one can say that the duvet should meet the basic needs of the sleeping person. This includes the need for warmth, protection and security. At the same time, however, the duvet should also be able to positively support the functions of the body during sleep.

As with summer duvets, there are also many different versions of duvets for winter to choose from. In the online shop, for example, you will find blankets filled with animal fibers, including models with classic down fillings, camel down fillings or cashmere wool fillings. We also offer you a large selection of high-quality duvets with synthetic fillings. Many winter blankets from our range are designed as duo or cassette blankets for optimal warmth.

The right bed linen for the winter

In general, it is said that Germans change their bed linen far too seldom – namely only about every four to six weeks on average. However, the bed linen’s ability to absorb moisture can be exhausted after just a few nights. Therefore, you should change the bed linen every week and make sure when buying that the material of the bed linen is characterized by high air and moisture permeability.

For the winter, soft, roughened fabrics are particularly recommended, which not only feel cozy on the skin, but also provide additional warmth. In the online shop, we offer you, among other things, winter bedding made from fine plain fiber, micro-fleece, fine velor and fine flannel. In order to enhance the bedroom decoratively, for example, Christmas bed linen is part of our range.

There are also qualities of the fitted sheets that are specially designed for our special needs in winter. You can find winter fitted sheets in our  online shop in stretch terry, fine beaver, fine velor and soft plush.

Additional equipment for your winter-proof bed

If it is really uncomfortable outside and you are in the mood for even more security and warmth, an additional blanket in bed is just right for you. Fluffy blankets for the winter are available in many versions in our online shop. A special recommendation are our faux fur blankets, which are visually in no way inferior to real blankets and are characterized by a particularly noble character, elegance and a lot of charm. Simply practical, comfortable, cuddly soft and warm.

Our MeroWings pillows are another attractive and functional addition to your bed. These wing-shaped designer pillows give you a lot of support and convey a good feeling with their velvety surfaces. Make yourself really comfortable and cozy with it.

The right room temperature in the bedroom

Outside, temperatures fluctuate over the course of the year. Inside, a room temperature of 16 ° C to 18 ° C is recommended for the bedroom in all seasons. Depending on the apartment (insulation, location, etc.), it is difficult to maintain these temperatures. Therefore, the choice of the right cover (see above) is of great importance. Ultimately, our duvet largely determines what the climate is like in bed and whether we are cold or warm.

Make Your Bed Winterproof

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